Safety Tips

Scams & Fraud advice:

1.Remember always check the trader id and never send money to a person you don't know !

2.Closing the deal: Face-to-face meet is the best way to do it. Deal with people locally, arrange to meet somewhere public. (covered by CCTV if you want to be extra cautious) 

This simple rule helps you avoid 99% of all the scams.

3. Ensure you have full access to your purchase before handing over all your money.

4.Be suspicious of people or situations that offer a large benefit for very little in return , If an offer sounds too good, then it is probably not a genuine offer.

5. Give somebody else the details of who you're meeting, and where and when you are meeting them.

6Try to get a signed proof of purchase.


Buying a Car ?


1. Check the car history, there are a number of great UK online services , use Google search "check car history"

2. Do not pay in advance !

3. Get a trusted mechanic to do a check up on the car before handing over the money.


Something it's look suspicious ?


 If you see something that it's look suspicious , don't hesitate to use Report Item and mark as Spam.



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